Fractal Viewer

The Advanced Programming module had us working on create GUIs in Java and this was a major project. The basic objective was to make a zoomable Mandelbrot Set and allowing points selected on it to show the corresponding Julia Set. I extended it to show other fractals and more than one colouring scheme.

To download the Fractal file, click here.

Technical Report

For our Professional and Personal Development module, I wrote a technical report, highlighting the issues faced by business meetings these days and a way to overcome them. It took about two weeks of researching,planning and typing to come out with a good report, which is viewable/downloadable here.

Crossword Application

Our second major project in Advanced Programming involved us making a crossword application, which would display clues and the grids to be filled in by different users, who woul be able to log in one at a time to solve the puzzle. It also gives some help to the user by informing them which clues they have solved correctly, if they like. Different puzzles can be loaded and displayed to be solved, such is the compatibility.

To download the Crossword Application, click here.