Mohammad Ali Khan

About Me

I am a fourth year student studying MEng Computer Science at the University of Southampton. From a technial point of view, I am most proficient in Java while my interests are web development, data visualisation and machine learning. I am also very passionate about football and video games.

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  • Progamming Languages

    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    • C++
    • C
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Perl
  • Frameworks and other technologies

    • SQL
    • MongoDB
    • Play Framework
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • OpenGL
    • NodeJS
  • Other Skills

    • Project Management
    • Blender
    • Microsoft Excel

My full resume is available here .


Fractal Viewer

Fractal Viewer Screenshot This application, made Java using the Swing and AWT libraries , displays a Mandelbrot set to the user and allows them to zoom into it as they wish. Users can also view the Julia set for a specific point on the Mandlebrot set and also save the image. The Mandlebrot set is available in three different calculation algorithms and two colour schemes.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Screenshot This application was also made in Java using Swing and AWT libraries . It is a straightforward crossword puzzle, allowing users to easily type across the boxes with their answers. The clues can be easily highlighted and there is also functionality to inform the users of which ones have been correctly filled.

Dancing School

This project consisted of a number of web forms of a dancing on which users can add new dancing students, add examination scores, pay outstanding fees and view existing information. The data was stored in a SQL database and the frontend was coded in PHP .

The Clangers

The Clangers Screenshot This application depicted a small world filled with Clangers. Coded in C++ with OpenGL 3.3+ , this application allows the user to explore the world while also providing an automatic tour of the main features. The models were created in Blender .

Type Pong

Type Pong Screenshot This application was created as a group project and aims to improve typing speeds. Users play pong while typing, moving the paddle as the get the words right. Users can play against the AI in levels, where AI gets better with time, or in challenge mode, where AI is perfect and users have to last as long as possible. Users can also play against each other and view their high scores. The backend of the application was build in Python while the game itself was built in JavaScript .
The application can currently be found here .

Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters Screenshot For my third year project, I created Privacy Matters, an online resource showing the information UK companies store and share. Users can search for the desired companies and view the reasons for processing data, the data processed, whom it is processed from and whom it is shared with. There are also data visualisations provided, such as an overview of the information collected as compared to the general median/average. Moreover, users can view similar companies. The backend of this application was coded in Java with the Play Framework while the front end was written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript . The database used was MongoDB .
The application can currently be found here . The final report on my project is also available here .


I teamed up with coursemate to create a note-taking web applicaiton for my Web Development module. We tried to abstract the idea board model, a board where people stick a number of post-it notes on to help visualise their thoughts. This application allows people to create boards and have notes in a column of their choosing. The notes themselves can be customised in relation to text formatting and colour. This application has a NodeJS backend with a MongoDB database while the front end is written in HTML,CSS and JavaScript
The application can currently be found here . The user manual for this application is available here and the technical manual is available here .

Mobile Intervention Authoring

Intervention Editor Screenshot For our group development project, my group and I worked on improving and extending a mobile intervention editor to create an intervention for cochlear implant users. This project involved adding features to add media files on the web-based intervention editor and functionality to play these media files on the intervention client application. Lastly, the intervention was created with numerous optimisation on the editor and run on the client application. The intervention editor was written mostly in CoffeeScript with BackboneJS and the client application was for Android devices. The report for this project can be found here.

NHS Waiting Times Application

NHS Waiting Times Application Hospital Map For our Open Data Innovation module, my group and I worked together to create an applicaiton which, given a location, would find you the closest hospitals with the least amount of waiting times for Accident and Emergency (A & E). This application uses open data from the NHS in the form of percentage of patients seen in the first four hours as well as hospital ratings. Moreover, it combines with OpenStreetMap to provide the location on the map. This application can be used on the web or on a mobile phone just as easily and was made with the help of basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A report for the project can be found here.


  • Web Development
  • Data Visualisation
  • Video Games
  • Fallout
  • Football
  • Mass Effect
  • DotA 2